Where to Buy Anime Body Pillows?

Where to buy anime body pillows? For newcomers who are buying anime dakimakura for the first time, this is a blank question for them.

To buy the original pillow of your favorite anime character, and to pursue the comfort and high quality of the pillow fabric, I think that these are your all desire. So next, I will introduce to you from the dakimakura pillow pattern design, pillow fabric and pillow size. I believe that you will have a clear choice for pillow purchase, after understanding all aspects of the pillow.

Anime Pillow Shop, We are an profession enterprise specializing in the design, development and production of original Japanese anime pillows, established in 2009. Our company have a history of 12 years. In the early days, we have always been doing processing business for the Japanese animation pillow company. We have our own team of professional dakimakura design artist . We will update our original designs every month, and among them are the most popular cartoon character pillows. So if you are a super anime fan or anime body pillows collector, then you must pay attention to us. This is why there are already more than 10,000+ pillow designs on our website. During the 12-year journey, we ‘re continuing to innovate and improve. With the upgrade and improvement of machine, the quality of our pillows is getting better and better, which is top one in the area.

If you are looking for a body pillow of your favorite anime character, then the first thing to consider is the dakimakura design. Believe that our huge quantity 10000+ design pillow gallery will definitely let you lock in the goals you want. If you haven’t found it, that’s okay. We can support custom drawings, or let our artist make your own pillow for you one-to-one.

After choosing the pillow design, the second problem you will face is the anime dakimakura material. There are 5 dakimakura fabrics available on our website. They’re the usual five fabrics for pillows, peach skin, smooth knit, natural velvet, two way tricot, upgraded two way tricot. It is recommended that you should choose our pillow, the quality of our pillow fabric is guaranteed. Although some merchants on the market write the same fabric in the description, we have done comparisons. Other fabrics on the market are thinner and have poor wear resistance. Compared with ours, their quality will be much worse. Our price is only a little bit more expensive, but the quality will be much better. Why not buy a pillow with high cost performance, such as us?

Peach skin

is the fabric that most people choose. It is also the most common type of pillow, the popular pillow fabric. If you are buying a anime body pillow for the first time, it is recommended that you start with a pillow made of peach skin fabric, because it is relatively strong and durable. Although the feel is not as good as the two way fabric, it has a high printing accuracy, a silky feel. And the peach skin dakimakura price is very affordable.

Natural Velvet

has extremely short velvet on the surface, high density, soft hand, high pattern fineness and durability. It is especially suitable for winter use and is very warm.

2 Way Tricot

is widely known as the best dakimakura fabric, because of its texture, durability and soft silky feel.The Tricot fabric produced
is wrinkle free and super elastic in nature.

Upgraded 2way Tricot

This is God among Gods! Developed by famous Japan Tokyo Dakimakura Company A&J. It has the best picture quality silk skin touch!

Smooth knit

If you want your dakimakura to be silky and soft.It’s better to choose SK. It’s a kind of one-way stretch fabric, doesn’t rip or fade.

Dakimakura Size: We have 5 Sizes for Your Choices, 34*100, 40*120cm, 50*150cm, 50*160cm, 60*170cm, 60*180cm. You can choose according to your preferences. We also have body pillow inserts for each size for your choice.

So our Anime Pillow Shop will be your best place to buy anime dakimakura body pillows. You will have no worries to purchase your favorite dakimakura in our store.  You can just buy your favorite pillow with peace of mind here. Our customer service is online 24 hours. If you have any questions or you want to see sexy pillows without mosaics, you can contact us by sending emails to [email protected].

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